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A recent collaboration resulted in the development of a software that enables author/illustrators to turn their books into interactive apps for the iPad. For more information go to : The software was represented and demonstrated at the 2014 Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy. GUMPTION, my first app made with the software,  is now available in the the iTunes Store.  


A victim of bullying stealthily wreaks revenge until she realizes she is bullying the bully.  

The illustrations are a departure from my watercolors; more conceptual than concrete, both humorous and thought provoking.  


This interactive picture book app includes questions for parents and educators to stimulate discussion. Available for the iPad in iTunes.


ages 7 to 9


The GUMPTION App for iPad




(in production)


A fanciful journey to explore the world beyond the garden gate. For anyone who remembers the freedom of their first bike ride around the block.


ages 3 to 5


(in production)


Tourist trap or engineering masterpiece?  A boy discovers this iconic structure and why it continues to amaze visitors. 


ages 5 to 9