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I graduated from Northwestern University where I studied art history and studio art. For ten years, I ran a visual literacy program in a K-5 school. I still feel passionately about helping children look critically and verbalize their questions about what they see. My art history foundation and these experiences have had a profound effect on my work. 

In the studio, I have studied with Ed Paschke, Phillip Chen, and Audrey Niffenegger.  I also took a class with art critic Dennis Adrian that marked me for life. 



My work is mixed media--including watercolor, pen and ink, pencil, and digital.


My daughter was born in Switzerland and through our weekly visits to the local library, I became interested in the way traditions of storytelling and illustration differ from country to country. In 2014, I fulfilled a long-held wish, when I had the opportunity to attended the Bologna Children's Book Fair to present a software I'd helped develop. 

Illustrators whose works inspire me:

Edward Gorey, Peter Sis, Shaun Tan,

Sydney Smith, Sophie Blackall, Corinna Luyken, Isabelle Arsenault, Michael Sowa, Elzbieta, and Benjamin Chaud, among many others.  

In 2014 with Merripen Press


My first commission on my 3rd Grade teacher's car.

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