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1 hour


This talk gives young students an idea of what a writer/illustrator does, the different challenges of writing novels and picture books, editing and revision in both writing and illustrating, and depending on the class, I can also speak about publishing and the submission process for writers and illustrators. 


This interactive talk works best with smaller groups (1-2 classes at a time). 



45 minutes


Using art history topics, these art discussions challenge students to ask questions and look deeper at not only the art but hopefully the visual world outside the classroom. Talks can be about various periods or artists, depending on the curriculum. Based on the AIC teaching methods and Stages of Aesthetic Development, by Abigail Housen. 


Topics include but are not limited to:

Environmental Art: Andrew Goldsworthy

Architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright

American Art: Ivan Albright

Folk Art: American Quilts

American Art: Horace Pippin

Impressionism: various artists

European: Bernat Martorell’s St. George and the Dragon


In addition, I am happy to consider any requests for specific art or architecture subjects.


Note:These are discussions, not lectures and there is no studio art project. 


High School - Adult

1-2 hours


Merripen Press is happy to demonstrate its software to groups, free of charge. The software is a tool to create picture book apps with interactions and animation. Using click and drop functions, it's simple to master, but by combining functions complex effects can be achieved.

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