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2020 was a tough year! In the midst of the lockdown in Chicago during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic I began doing puzzles and when I couldn't get more puzzles (because I wasn't the only one) I began making puzzles of my work.

Below is a selection of puzzles that I produced during 2020. During the holidays, I placed orders for friends and family. Currently, I am not producing puzzles because I have not found a good partner and it is not cost effective to do it myself.


For reference:

1000 piece puzzles: 28 x 20 intches.

500 piece puzzles: 19 x 19 inches

200 piece puzzles: 12 x 10 inches

54 piece puzzles: 12 x 16.5 inches

Puzzle Paris D 1000.jpg

Paris Day, 1000 pieces

Paris 1000 finished.jpg
Puzzle Paris D 500.jpg

Paris Day, 500 pieces

PUZZLE parisN 72.jpg

Paris Night, 1000 pieces

Blue Eiffel finished.jpg

Paris Night, 500 pieces

puzzle bears.jpg
Bears finished.jpg

The Three Bears, 500 pieces

puzzle sq cat.jpg
Catalonia finished.jpg

Cat Dreams, 500 pieces

puzzle  land 72.jpg
world finished.jpg

Peace, 500 pieces

puzzle alice72.jpg
Alice finished.jpg

Psychedelic Wonderland,

500 pieces

toy piano72.jpg
Toy piano finished.jpg

Toy Piano, 1000 pieces

Alice 1000 72.jpg

Caterpillar, 1000 pieces

PUZZLE bird72.jpg
red bird process 2.jpg

Red Bird, 1000 pieces

puzzle flowerbox72.jpg

Flowers Figures, 500 pieces


Peter & the Wolf, 1000 pieces

garden 72.jpg

In the Garden, 1000 pieces


Inktober 2020, 500 pieces


For Children

stay home.jpg

Stay Home, 54 pieces

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